All~ Church Fellowship Event ~ Sunday, August 10!

Families of all ages are invited to join us at Lakeside Amusement Park located at 4601 Sheridan Blvd, Lakeside 80212 on Sunday, August 10. Transportation via the church van will leave after second service. We will gather for lunch at 1:30pm. We will reserve tables in “Kiddie Land” for our group to eat together so please […] Read more »


Youth Update!

Many students fear what people would think if they stood up for Truth. It is tempting for students to blend in with the crowd and keep silent. The risk of being rejected or alone for speaking up seems far too great.  For the next month, Bunker 6:12 will embark on Francis Chan’s study series, “Courage”. In four […] Read more »


From the Land of Canaan…

In his last Messenger article, Steve reflected on the “tension” between tradition and innovation in regards to the worship life of the church, stating that “we must honor tradition and also look toward the future Christ calls us into.” As he mentioned, his article was prompted by ongoing conversations between the pastors, worship musicians, and […] Read more »